Transport Aide

Transport Aide
Transport Services

The transport aide transports patients within the various areas of the Hospital from the time of admission until discharge. Utilizes various equipment in performing these functions.

The Transport Aide will:
  • Perform patient transport services using a stretcher, wheelchair, bed, geri-chair, carriage or by walking patient, according to Department policy
  • Assist the Nurse, as instructed, in the transferring of patients from a bed, wheelchair, stretcher etc.
  • Move equipment and furniture properly into and out of the patient's room to permit transport equipment to be moved within the room
  • Be responsible for having a working knowledge of various medical support equipment and infection control procedures

  • Ability to read and comprehend detailed instructions.
  • Work requires standing and walking for approximately 75% of the work time.
  • Must have ability to perform physical tasks, such as pushing, pulling and lifting.

Grade 110