Call Center Associate

Call Center Associate
Culinary & Nutrition

The Call Center Associate will:
  • Process room service meal orders
  • Take phone calls for patient food and beverage requests.
  • Assist patients with telephone call backs as needed to ensure opportunity to order a meal.
  • Assist patients at the bedside in selecting menu if needed according to prescribed diet order should the patient be unable to call.
  • Modify patient food and beverage choices applying age-specific knowledge as appropriate.
  • Utilize room service software to correct meal selection with patients in accordance with prescribed diet order.
  • Accommodate all patient preferences/tolerances in accordance with prescribed diet orders.
  • Adhere to scripting and promotes positive guest relations
  • Demonstrate the ability to resolve customer concerns in a positive manner.
  • Exhibit courtesy in phone conversations with customer in all situations.
  • Demonstrate competency in all CBORD programs utilized during the normal operation of the call center.
  • Process messages received through hospital computer system accurately.
  • Follow job analysis in accordance with assigned shift. Runs reports, etc. in accordance with job analysis. Manually enter allergy information into CBORD when necessary.
  • Enter tube feeding and supplement orders into CBORD accurately and manually discontinues tube feeding orders upon notification from hospital system.
  • Enter personalized snacks for patients in accordance with policy and procedure.
  • Monitor room service software function and notifies supervisor and/or IT immediately when malfunction is detected.
  • Monitor patient meal trays.
  • Assemble and/or checks patient meal trays before delivery.
  • Serve patient meal trays using department scripting.
  • Adhere to Computer downtime policy and procedure to ensure compliance to emergency back-up procedures when necessary.
  • Inform Nursing Supervisor/ immediate Supervisor of need to utilize Computer Downtime Nutrition Record when back-up is necessary for hospital system.
  • Manually enter admits, transfers, discharges patients, diet orders and cancels diet orders in CBORD as needed when Cerner is down.
  • Coordinate effective communication, both within the department, as well as outside of the department.
  • Utilize telephone, fax, and/or radio as needed to communicate with Culinary and Nutrition staff and patient care units in accordance with Department policy.
  • Contact nursing units to communicate a patient on insulin has ordered a their tray.
  • Adhere to SPUH and Department polices/procedures regarding dress code and personal hygiene standards.
  • Report to work in proper dress according to the Department's policies and procedures, including wearing one's SPUH ID Badge.
  • Follow Departmental policies and procedures regarding personal hygiene.
  • Adhere to Departmental policies and procedures regarding food and beverage consumption and gum chewing while in the call center and kitchen work area.
  • Complete Calorie Counts.
  • Document patient calorie counts in CBORD electronically.
  • Enter calorie count notification into CBORD.
  • Demonstrate competency in area of responsibility.
  • Attend/provide in-services/meetings within the hospital in area of responsibility as assigned by supervisor.
  • Complete SPUH patient education tool (Rapid Regulatory) annually and demonstrates competency as evidenced by a passing score n posttest.
  • Perform additional tasks and assigned duties.
  • Provide a flexible work schedule to meet the needs of the Department.
  • Actively participates in training and orientation of new hires.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required.
  • Able to perform simple math calculations and follow oral/written directions.
  • Capable of handling computer tasks on room service software and views allergy and diet information in hospital computer system.
  • Focus on customer service.
  • Versatility to adapt to frequent changes in job duties of the Diet Office.
  • Stands and walks short distances and sits at a computer terminal most of day.
  • Reaches for, lifts and carries relatively light materials.

Roles Available: Part Time and Per Diem
Per Diem - Evening Shifts 4 pm -7:30 pm, 4 pm -8pm and 3pm -7pm, Weekends (day/evening shifts) and weekdays.
Par Time - Various Shift: Weekdays: 4-8pm, 3-7pm, 4-730 pm. Occasional 8 hour shift for coverage purposes.

Weekends: 6-230, 645-315, 7-330, 1030-7, 3-7, 4-730, 4-8

Schedule is planned out 3 weeks in advance.

Grade 110