Bilingual Clinical Assistant - OBGYN

Bilingual Clinical Assistant - OBGYN
Women's Ambulatory Care Svs

The Bilingual Clinical Assistant - OBGYN will:
  • Complete required clinical duties when patient is seen at time of visit.
  • Set up and assists as necessary with procedures and coordinates any special testing or procedures.
  • Track patient results in accordance with the practice criteria.
  • Be knowledgeable of emergency procedures. Verbalize knowledge of location and use of emergency equipment and able to demonstrate procedures to assure patient safety in emergent situations and disaster plan.
  • Ensures smooth flow of Department by maintaining orderliness.
  • Provide for patient safety.
  • Report all necessary information and/or unusual occurrences in accordance with documented policy and procedure.
  • Participate in Quality Assurance activities, including implementation of changes based on QA or nationally recognized recommendations.
  • Assist with front desk duties prepares charts, file, answers phones, make appointments when clinical duties are complete, or when asked by manager.
  • Develop and maintains good human relations skills.
  • Transport medications, blood products, specimen and urine samples to and from the Pharmacy, Blood Bank, Lab and Infusion Center.
  • Properly prepare the waste for Stericycle pickup.
  • Order food for patients in Cater track and orders medical supplies in McKesson.
  • Log all temperatures for the blanket warmer and medication refrigerator and reports all discrepancies to the manager.
  • Keep the patient area sanitized by cleaning the IV pumps and chairs between patients.
  • Assist the nurses with the overall care of the patients.

  • Medical terminology and data entry experience.
  • Successful completion of Nursing Assistant training or Certified Medical Assistant training.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) preferred.

Schedule: Full Time, Monday-Friday

Grade 112