Coordinator Education Specialty

Coordinator Education Specialty
Parenthood Classes

The Coordinator Education Specialty will:
  • Provide leadership within expertise, establishing and/or contributing to the development of annual goals and objectives and to the ongoing evaluation of results obtained.
    • Consistently incorporate latest findings into programming.
    • Develop annual goals and objectives based on needs assessments/QI findings/course evaluations and acceptance by Director.
    • Evaluate the outcomes of goals and objectives periodically and provide justification for variances.
  • Serve as a guide to the instructors using the requirements of the NJ Board of Nursing, current regulatory guidelines and standards of practice, the A Code of Ethics and institutional policies and procedures, and good interpersonal skills. Act as instructor for designated class offerings.
    • Ensure incorporation of age related issues as appropriate to the growth and development through the life cycle (neonates, pediatrics, adolescents, adults, geriatrics) in Parent Education materials and consults.
    • Ensure instructors conduct classroom instruction using childbirth education curriculum standards, incorporating theory and practice when appropriate as noted by monitoring of select classes annually and by reaction sheet summaries.
    • Ensure instructors teach care and advanced programming utilizing principles of adult learning.
    • Ensure instructors provide planned hands-on practice sessions which enhances content presented in class.
    • Ensure instructors plan and provide for the availability of materials prior to class.
    • Compile complete in-service records for classes including attendance, within four (4) weeks of offering.
    • Utilize appropriate audio-visual aids (film, video-tape, DVD and/or hand-outs) in educational programs presented as evidenced in program summary.
    • Review and/or revise all education programs every three (3) years or more frequently as needed based on consumer evaluations.
    • Review the teaching effectiveness of all instructors regularly but not less than annually, documenting same for a written evaluation of performance. Collaborate with Director in writing the performance evaluations of all instructors.
  • Develop/coordinate/provide parent education programming.
    • Determine learning needs of families on an ongoing basis as evidenced by periodic summaries of customer requests.
    • Maintain an up-to-date library of health information educational resources for consumers, materials will be maintained for appropriate age groups where appropriate and available.
    • Develop and/or obtain parent teaching materials as needed.
    • Ensure content reflects current status of hospital operations and MCH Unit configurations.
    • Collaborate with the Audio-Visual Department and Community Relations in arranging appropriate parent education programs.
    • Communicate information about upcoming educational programs through accepted hospital and community mechanisms.
    • Communicate with faculty of program regarding objectives within three (3) to four (4) weeks of planned program as needed.
  • Monitor and adjust per class fees to ensure program is budget neutral or shows a small positive net income.
    • Monitor per class and per month revenues and expenses. Reports financial analysis monthly to Director, Women & Children's Services
    • Monitor educator fees and suggests adjustments per market average.
    • Recommend or implement actions to adjust fees to ensure revenues equal expenses.
  • Develop and maintain good human relations skills consistent with the principles of the Hospital, employees, patients, Medical Staff and visitors in accordance with performance of duties.
    • Display a respectful, empathetic and caring attitude toward patients as evidenced by receiving no valid complaints related to attitude or behavior.
    • Accept constructive criticism as demonstrated by positive behavior changes.
    • Introduce self by name to others at all times.
  • Participate in Quality Improvement activities.
    • Collect data for QA/QI monitors as requested within established timeframes.
    • Identify and report potential QA/QI problems to Director as they occur.
    • Participate in the design and implementation of needed changes based on QA/QI results.
    • Hold staff meetings with instructors at least every six months to update them on current teaching and content and problem solve on issues related to the service.
  • Work collaboratively with others.
    • Be an effective representative of Saint Peter's and of Nursing to other health care providers as noted in minutes of meetings.
    • Consult other staff or health care team members to enhance parent education programming.
  • Participate in staff development and educational activities. Demonstrate competency in performing all job related processes and procedures within the scope of practice, as appropriate to the ages of the patients, their growth and development through the life cycle factors (neonates, pediatrics, adolescents, adults, geriatrics as appropriate).
    • Maintain CPR certification on an annual basis as evidenced by a valid card.
    • Attend all mandatory in-service updates on an annual basis (e.g., fire and safety, infection control) as evidenced by attendance rosters.
    • Attend a minimum of 10-12 (per full time status; otherwise prorated) in-services/continuing education programs per year as evidenced by attendance rosters.
    • Maintain professional certification as evidenced by current copy of certification award on file.
    • Consult with other Department Members to enhance programming effectiveness.
    • Seek assistance in performing all processes/procedures which require clarification or additional training.
    • Maintain up to date knowledge of all job related policies and procedures to ensure policy implementation per specifications.
  • Maintain current licensure.
    • Provide Nursing Department with a copy of renewed license every two (2) years prior to expiration date as evidenced by current license in Personnel file.
  • Submit all required reports/documents as scheduled.
    • Submit quarterly report by established deadline.
    • Ensure education calendar is published in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Certification as childbirth educator.
  • Three (3) years of teaching experience.
  • Three (3) years clinical experience in Perinatal areas.

Grade 126